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ECO Plastics Ltd is the UK's leading and highest quality reprocessor of recyclable materials. We currently operate Europe’s largest and most technically advanced Mixed Plastic Bottle sorting facility. This plant sorts 140,000t of plastics each year, sourced primarily from Waste contractors and Local Authorities throughout the UK and Ireland, we are also increasing volumes sourced within Western Europe.

Having sorted the plastics by colour and polymer ECO Plastics Ltd then washes and extrudes the PET into PurePET78® (Food Grade rPET pellet). PurePET78® is used to replace virgin plastics in the production of new UK food and beverage packaging.

ECO Plastics Ltd is currently the only UK business producing ‘food grade’ quality PET pellet and as such our materials can be found in many UK household brands.

To support this operation and strengthen our service offering ECO Plastics Ltd works with a large portfolio of external reprocessors to handle many other grades of plastics.

ECO Plastics Ltd...leading the way in sustainable packaging.

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We aim to recycle as much as possible in the UK, and supply to UK businesses; with over 70% of the waste we collect being reprocessed into food grade plastic products. We will achieve this by developing our facilities so that we can recycle your plastics in the most efficient way, both in terms of the processes we use, and the energy required.

National Recycling Awards 2013 Winner Business Green Leaders Awards 2013 Winner Green Business Awards 2012 Winner The Times Tech Track 100 New Energy Deal of the Year 2012 Winner